What are the divisions? Age groups?2018-11-10T12:32:57-09:00

There are 6 different divisions, starting at age 9 going thru ages 35 and up. Click here for the specific divisions.

Where is RE/MAX of Juneau Located?2018-11-10T12:38:03-09:00

RE/MAX of Juneau is located in the Vintage Business Park area of the Valley at 3031 Clinton Drive, Suite 100

When does the tournament take place?2018-11-10T12:39:44-09:00

The Juneau Holiday Cup Tournament takes place each year in December with the championship games happening on New Year’s Eve.

Who do I contact for help?2018-11-10T12:46:31-09:00

You can contact Erin or Marty of RE/MAX of Juneau for general questions: (907) 789-4794

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